Anasayfaya Dön

General Information

The automotive term means motor vehicle including cars, vehicles used in public transportation, commercial vehicles, wheeled and tracked earth mover, bikes, agriculture machines and rail vehicles.  In some cases, aviation and sea vehicles are handled within the context of automotive. The characteristic of these vehicles is that they used an internal combustion motor as power resource. The program of Automotive Engineering aims to bring up labour force that will undertake the designation, developing, producing, maintenance and repair of motor vehicle, the organization of the work places and the conduction of the trade activities.


Our mission is to bring up researcher engineers who can contribute to the production, application and spread of the information for the scientific and technological development in Automotive design and technologies in international level, gaining the ability of vehicle design and technology production, the development of nowadays and future technology that can compete - based on technology -in automotive sector in global market.


The vision of the Automotive Engineering is to create, with its strong education and research staff, work places, laboratories, and research centres a Department of Manufacturing Engineering that gained recognition in national and international level.

The Working Areas of the Graduates

The work places of the Automotive Engineers : Issues such as product design, automation and control, manufacturing, product logistics, maintenance, repair and product tests. Automotive engineers work for their designs to be perfect in the aspects of cost, quality, credibility, ergonomic and aesthetic. Automotive engineers can also find jobs in Automotive firms which produce cars, buses, trucks, motorbikes and very image of land vehicles, and in land transportation systems and defend industry. Except for these firms that produce directly, there are some various job opportunities such as auto sports teams, Research and Development institution. The need of Auto industry in the aspect of Research and Development and advance technology is stated within the scope of aims of 2015 State Planning Organization. The structure of automotive industry which requires well-disciplined and advance technology requires especially co-operation of the industry and university. It is expected that automotive engineers can find jobs opportunities in firms which produce advance technological products related with automotive sector and in universities that do research about this subject.