Anasayfaya Dön

General Information

The fact that energy resources are limited both in our country and in the world and the fossil resources used have led to the air pollution, global warming and climate changes, has led to the energy subject to come up as a very important issue. Besides, the fact that our country is foreign-dependent in primary energy resources and as this rate is increasing permanently, shows us that energy issue is more serious in our country.   For these reasons department of energy systems engineering opened in the Faculty of Technology with the aim of using our available energy resources appropriately, researching and using new energy resources, developing and applying new systems and processes, bringing up labour force that can work on lots of subject such as energy efficiency and energy


Our mission is to conduct the education about various energy subject including renewable and unrenewable energy resources, and equip the students with the essential equipments about the subjects such as using the energy resources and technologies environment consciously.


Carrying out the production, distribution and consumption process of the energy considering the usage of available energy resources efficiently, efficiency and environment awareness are the main duties of Energy Systems Engineers. Besides Energy Systems Engineers are supposed to have knowledge about not only the production, distribution and consumption process of the energy, but also the planning and the economics of the energy, market analysis and energy market dynamics. So they will be able to examine sturdily from the technical and economical aspect the energy sector from past to now.

   The Working Areas of the Graduates

  • All the areas related with the energy systems and technologies in private sector
  • Mechanical plumbery
  • Ministry of Energy and natural resources
  • EPDK
  • PİGM
  • MTA
  • Boron Institute
  • EİE
  • EÜAŞ
  • DSİ
  • TKİ
  • TPAO
  • TAEK
  • UN Hydrogen Institute
  • Hard coal authority
  • TCDD

Besides, lots of private sector institutions make investment in bio-energy, geothermal, hydro energy power station, in order to close gap in energy which our country needs considerably. In the years ahead, the foundation of nuclear energy power stations and the coming into play of the other energy resources such as boron, uranium, thorium which haven’t been used until now are expected. In all of these areas, engineers who are educated in every level of energy technologies issues start from research and development level to the distribution in the most economical way are needed. Energy Systems Engineers who will take part in both national and international projects will be in the first rank in our country which is an energy bridge between 3 continents.