Anasayfaya Dön

General Information

Manufacturing Engineer is basically the engineer who has the ability of turning the intangible design into tangible with the quickest, the most qualified and the lowest cost. Manufacturing Engineer can take part in all processes start from the designing of the product to the showing up of the product.

An engineer graduated from Department of Manufacturing Engineering besides the chief and common qualifications should have the following basic qualifications.

The designation and management skills of the Manufacturing Systems and Methods

The knowledge of Material Science and Production Methods

Analytic skills to solve the technical problems of Manufacturing Engineering


The basic aim of the Manufacturing Engineering is providing a qualified engineering education to bring up Manufacturing Engineers who can combine nowadays technology  and the creation of the engineering using the resources, money and labour force efficiently and considering the environmental facts. The education program with the dense laboratory contents, job training opportunities and research experiences, will provide engineering skills which improve the application percept of the Manufacturing Engineering Sciences and the importance of the life long learning.


The vision of the Manufacturing Engineering is to create, with its strong education and research staff, work places, laboratories, and research centres a Department of Manufacturing Engineering that gained recognition in national and international level.

Job Opportunities

There is a need to the Manufacturing Engineers in all industry branches that produce any products. Computer sector, electronics sector, automotive sector, aviation and space industry, chemical and plastic industry are among these industry branches that provide job for the Manufacturing Engineers. The work place for the Manufacturing Engineers are mainly in the cities in which the industry centered.